Founded in 1927 by William Marshall, Marshall Construction Company is a 4th generation,family-owned business, specializing in commercial general contracting and construction management. Our resume includes a wide variety of commercial projects including museums, retail districts and airplane hangers with our main focus being K-12 Schools. With over 90 years of continuous operation in the Greater Houston construction market, Marshall Construction has built a strong reputation on our founder’s motto :

Do the Right Thing.



Marshall Construction : The Last 25 Years in School Construction


Marshall Construction is a 4th generation, family-owned commercial general contracting business. Founded by William B. Marshall, Marshall Construction has continuously operated in the Greater Houston Area for over 90 years. From William, to Jack and now to David, Marshall Construction has been led to embody the values of hard work, fortitude and honesty.

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The first two generations of Marshall Construction: William B. (left) and Jack P. Marshall (right).

Since it’s founding in 1927, Marshall Construction has operated with the belief that the ultimate goal in any project is to make the client a completely satisfied customer. Our organization’s philosophy is to make every decision based on the goal of creating and continuing a long-term relationship.