At Marshall Construction, we are a firm believer in the mantra: “A job worth doing, is a job worth doing well.” Providing quality is the focus of what Marshall Construction does on a daily basis. Quality begins from day one and continues through the completion of the last punch list item. At Marshall, we measure quality as going above and beyond the customer’s expectations. Quality is tied to managing the budget, staying on schedule, resolving conflicts and ensuring a well-built facility. Marshall has received multiple awards acknowledging the highest level of construction in the Greater Houston Area from the AGC. Marshall also counts the high number of repeat customers (including 15 School Districts) as a sign of meeting customers expectations and providing high quality projects.

Marshall Construction knows high quality construction is not a given, so we do everything in our power to help ensure the highest quality of construction. We break the services we provide into three main phases: Pre-Construction Services, Construction Services and Post-Construction Services. Here is a what we provide in order to ensure quality construction at each phase of the project:

The Construction Process

Pre-Construction Services

  • Constructability and Feasibility Analysis – Marshall provides in-depth reviews of project design documents, working side-by-side with the architect, with the goal of eliminating any ambiguities before bid day.
  • Site Evaluation – Each construction site provides its own unique challenges.
  • Cost Estimating and Value Engineering – Marshall provides accurate pricing and budget-saving recommendations enabled through our years of educational construction experience and by enlisting some of the most knowledgeable subcontractor firms in the area.
  • Scheduling – Marshall will provide a realistic schedule based on our experience, material and manpower requirements, that meets the owner’s specifications.
    • Typical Major Construction Phases:
      • Site Work
      • Building Foundation
      • Structural Framing and Roof
      • Building Envelope
      • MEP Rough-In
      • Finishes
      • Start-Up and Testing / Punchout
  • Bid Day – Procure competitive bids for all items of work and provide a cost competitive GMP.
  • Obtain District approval and execute contract.
  • Assemble Subcontractor Team –
    • Evaluation of subcontractor scope of work and qualifications.
    • District and Architect input is always welcomed in assembling the subcontractor team.

Construction Services

  • Experienced and Unincumbered Superintendents- Marshall Construction is fundamentally structured to allow the project Superintendent to be highly focused on quality. At Marshall, it is the Project Manager’s responsibility to manage subcontracts, RFIs, submittals, cost estimating, pay applications and anything else that allows the superintendent to spend as much time coordinating the jobsite, managing safety and ensuring high quality. If work is going on at the jobsite, the Superintendent should have eyes on it. Having an experienced Superintendent that has the ability to manage and observe the subcontractors allows for Marshall to catch poor quality early, limiting disputes and wasted time/money.
  • Coordination and Preinstall Meetings – Marshall Construction hosts coordination and preinstall meetings with subcontractor team members to express expectations and ensure all parties are on the same page.
  • Early and Frequent Inspections – Attention to detail is something Marshall prides itself on. Marshall knows it’s easier to correct problems early in the process.

Post-Construction Services

  • Completion and Verification of Punchlists – Completing punchlists in a timely manner is vital to guaranteeing the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Customer Demonstrations – Marshall knows the quality of a project cannot be appreciated if the customer does not know how to use their building. We coordinate meetings between our subcontractors and the customer to ensure that the customer is comfortable in their space.
  • We are always available! – We are a local company that has been operating in Houston for 94 years consecutively. We are close and we are not going anywhere. If you need us, we will always be there for you.

Construction Management Team Roles

At Marshall Construction, we know that each project asks unique questions and thus requires personalized solutions. With that being said, we have found that the below management team roles have allowed us to complete projects on-time and within budget without fail: